SHL -- Monday

Glucose 90 this morning. Ketones 0.3. Actually happy that it's below 0.5 -- don't think it's good for ketones to be above there all the time -- for me anyway. 


Alarm went off at 7:00 AM but didn't wake up until 7:40 AM. 

Candle lights after sun went down -- wore orange glasses to watch Parenthood. In bed by 10:30 PM. 


7:45 AM -- ACV in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT oil and coconut oil and cinnamon

1 PM -- bone broth (about 1/2 a quart)

5:30 PM -- cooked 1.5 pounds of raw primal grass fed ground meat (primal means there is organ meat in it) and 4 eggs in a pan and saved half for tomorrow. Put guacamole and sour cream on top. Steamed a squash, zucchini and a few baby carrots. Also had about 4 oz raw cheese and 2 oz 100% baking chocolate. 1 raw bell pepper with fresh salsa. Quite the feast.


Rode bike from hospital to my folks' house -- 5 miles. Cold this morning! 

Took a barefoot walk with my girls right after lunch. 

Rode bike back to hospital from my folk's house. 


Interviewed Vinnie Tortorich for my podcast this evening. Pumped about that.

Produced a fake podcast this evening, too. Just getting used to the software -- lots of fun.