SHL -- Sunday


Woke at 7:20 AM with no alarm. Didn't get up to use the restroom all night -- usually have to once.  

Got to bed around 10:30 PM with the "Deep Sleep" track from the Brain wave app playing in my ears and my mindfold on. 


It was raining last night so I didn't have my bike at the hospital. I'm planning on going on a walk with my daughters this morning and will ride my bike back up to the hospital tonight. 


7:40 AM -- ACV in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, coconut oil and MCT oil

12:30 PM -- dill pickle, cobb salad from hospital cafeteria, few slices of pastured bacon, 1/4 of a hamburger patty from Kincaid's in Arlington

2:30 PM -- 2 oz baking chocolate, 3 oz raw cheese, coconut butter

5:30 PM -- 4 eggs with 1 can of kippered herring, salad from whole foods (greens, mushrooms, cucumber, grilled veggies, tomatoes, white balsamic vinegar, onions), 1 grass fed beef frank


Played with my audio software and recorded the introduction to the Simply Human Podcast. My original plan was for it to be super simple with no bells and whistles, but I really enjoy playing around with the bells and whistles and editing so I'm going to include some effects and music.I recorded myself singing all 4 parts and the guitar part to Seven Bridges Road -- that was fun.

Cowboys lost but it was a great game. Got an email from Vinnie Tortorich -- he's going to be my first guest on the Simply Human Podcast. Dr. George Diggs has also agreed to appear on my show! 


Glucose was 84 and ketones were 0.8 this morning. HRV was 83 on the iThlete app and 76 on the Sweet Beat app (stress was a 2) -- all good numbers.