SHL -- Saturday

Woke at 7:20 AM -- lots of sleep. Glucose was 85. Ketones were 1.6. Highest ketone reading in a while. HRV was 80 on iThlete and 78 on sweet beat app. I did 10' of "Morning Espresso" on the brain wave app. 


8 AM -- ACV in water

2 PM -- bone broth (w/o the layer of fat on top -- just the gelatin)

6 PM -- 1 lb beef liver seared in pork fat on a bed of onion/mushroom compote with a white balsamic vinegar reduction and 1 piece of pastured bacon chopped on top, 2 dill pickles, 2 oz 100% baking chocolate, 1 oz raw cheese, 1 nori sheet



back squat 3 x 10 (135#)

3' max double unders (168 -- trying to get 180) then


7 dead lift at 60% 1RM (205#)

1' plank hold

including 3' of DBU it took 8:50


Watched a movie tonight with my orange glasses on. Was in bed by 10:30 -- went right to sleep.


Played with my new audio editing software. Cooked a huge, incredible dinner. Got to snuggle my girls all night. 


It's good to feel the good kind of sore. Love the meal I had tonight. I made it the other night but soaked the liver in lemon juice for 8 hours. I didn't do that tonight and the difference was negligible to me. Liver is like a meaty super vitamin. So good.