SHL -- Friday

Woke at 7 AM with no alarm. Blood sugar was 91 and ketones were 0.9. HRV on iThlete was 83 and upper 70s on Sweet Beat app -- "good to train."  

Rode bike to grocery store to pick up some ingredients for pumpkin pancakes (see the Simply Human Kids tab). Girls loved them. 


9:30 AM -- coffee with coconut oil and MCT oil and cinnamon

noon -- meat from the bones in the bone broth I had cooking and a dill pickle

5:45 PM -- 5 eggs with 1 can of kippered herring and a green bell pepper topped with avocado and sour cream, 2 oz 100% chocolate, 4 oz raw cheese, 2 nori sheets


10' warm up

3 x 10 bench press (135, 2 x 145) 

3 x  

20 squats

10 knees to elbows

200m run


stretch and banded distraction mobility work -- focused on shoulders today


Messing around with Audacity this morning and "produced" a ridiculous little episode. Here's the link -- -- it's ridiculous. Just learning the software. 

First time to put herring in my eggs -- loved it. Can't do it when the wife isn't on bed rest because she won't even let me open the cans inside. I have to eat them outside by the garbage.

Oh -- and Gary Taubes emailed me back today. Pretty sweet. 

Harvested my bone broth this afternoon. Once the fat settles and hardens at the top I'm going to discard and just have the gelatinous stuff underneath -- see if that affects my HRV or resting heart rate  -- which has been up for the last few weeks. It's normally in the mid to low 50s but has been in mid 60s... 

My other thought with the fat cooked for 24 hours is that it might be preventing maximum fat burning inside my body since I'm getting so much fat externally -- we'll see.

Tonight we were at the hospital when the sun went down, but when we got back to my folks' house we didn't turn on any lights -- just the lantern for bath, snack, pajamas and bedtime. It was awesome. 

I had already told the girls I was sleeping with them tonight so I was in bed, lights off at 9 PM.