SHL -- Thursday

Woke at 6:50 with no alarm which was set for 7 AM. Glucose was 87. Ketones were 0.9 -- good. Did 10' of Calm Reflection on my Brain Wave app with my noise reducing headphones

Rode my bike back to my folks' house from hospital. Cooked pancakes for the girls (see the Simply Human Kids tab to see how I made them). 


7:30 AM -- apple cider vinegar and water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, coconut oil and MCT oil

2 PM -- bone broth

5:30 PM -- see picture above, plus a couple of dill pickles, 2 nori sheets, 2 oz baking chocolate and 6 oz raw cheese


Based on how my legs felt during my workout yesterday, I was expecting to be incredibly sore this morning. I'm sore, but not the can't-sit-down-without-grimacing sore that I was anticipating. 

Planning on recording Episode 1 of the Simply Human Podcast today but not going to make available until I have done 3-4 and have a few under my belt. 

Really tired tonight. Feel pretty rotten. I listened to an old podcast with Chris Masterjohn (on dave asprey podcast) and I think maybe I shouldn't have the fat from the bone broth. Cooked for a day, the fat can become not good for you -- so I'm going to try cutting that out and see what happens.

Put on my Brain Wave Deep Sleep track and was asleep before 10:30 PM. Also put on my orange glasses as soon as I got back up to the hospital at 9:45 PM. 

Tonight the girls snack time and story time was all done by candle lantern light. Really like doing that. They think it's fun and it keeps artificial light out of their eyes.