SHL -- Monday


AM -- slept from 1:30-3:30 AM and from around 4:30-7:30 AM

PM -- went to bed around 10 PM


8:30 AM -- decaf with cinnamon, butter and MCT oil

12:30 PM -- leftover primal ground meat and eggs topped with green chili salsa // steamed veggies // raw Parmesan cheese // 6 oz baking chocolate  

5:30 PM -- apple with almond butter // few slivers of raw cheddar // unsweetened carob almonds (few that were left in the bag) // handful of cashews

8 PM -- about 1/2 a hamburger patty from Rick and Carolyn's


complete rest


After 82 days in the hospital and 85 away from home. We came home this afternoon. A surreal experience. Got to sleep in my own bed. Got to hang from my own pullup bar. Got to get food out of my own kitchen. Got to brush my teeth at my own sink.