SHL -- Sunday


AM -- slept from 1:30-4 then from 5:30-7:30 AM

PM -- slept from 6:30-11:30 PM (pretty tired) 


9 AM -- decaf with cinnamon, butter and MCT oil

Noon -- some grilled chicken breast off my wife's salad // bone broth // green lettuce

5 PM -- raw Comte cheese (my new favorite) 

6 PM -- "congratulatory" dinner at hospital // prime rib // steamed veggies // then I added baking chocolate and some more Comte cheese // garlic filled green olives // strawberries




Being with Hunter. 

Girls got to go home today with their Nana. Like HOME home.

Last dinner with Jenn in the hospital. 

So glad this is the last night. 

My folks spent a lot of time up here this afternoon.