SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 6:55 with no alarm. Slept great. 

PM -- watched a movie with glasses on (put them on at 7 PM). In bed by 10 PM with Deep Relaxation track going in my headphones. 


Glucose was 100 which is high. Could be because I'm sore from 2 straight days of working out. 

8:30 AM -- acv in water // decaf with cinnamon, butter, and coconut oil

1:30 PM -- grass fed beef jerky // raw feta cheese (from Burgundy Pastured Beef in Grandview, Texas) see video below on what else I got...

4:30 PM -- pound of liver cooked with onions and mushrooms // small bowl of raw salad // 2 oz baking chocolate // pickle // homemade ketchup on the liver


rest day -- went on a 30' walk with my dogs


  • 48 hours until Hunter's birth. Can't believe it. 
  • Slept really good last night. 
  • My dad's eye surgery didn't go as bad as they initially thought. 
  • Really enjoyed walking with dogs -- beautiful day today.