SHL -- Monday


AM -- Woke at 7 AM sharp with no alarm. My watch said 7:00.  Crazy. Guess I'm in a rhythm.

PM -- had glasses on by 8:30 PM. In bed by 11 PM


Rode bike home in morning -- 30' ride. 

Rode bike to the Y around noon. 

quick warmup

3x3 bench press with 225 -- happy with that weight other than the fact that in my prime I did that much weight 19x  

10-8-6-4-2-2-4-6-8-10 reps of




did most of the pullups strict except for the last few after about the 3rd round. It's 60 reps of each deal. Took me 10:48. 

Stretches and mobility -- rolled lats today

Rode bike home after workout


Glucose was 70 this  morning -- good. 

9 AM -- decaf with butter, cinnamon, and MCT oil

Post-workout -- tsbp glutamine

3:30 PM -- raw cheese

5 PM -- leftover skirt steak and veggies from last night. Little more of that Jason's veggie salad. 2 oz baking chocolate // 2 dill pickles // bowl of sauerkraut // nori sheet


HRV iThlete was 80 // sweetbeat was upper 60s. Weird. But I feel OK. 

Hunter born in 4 days. 96 hours as of 9 AM this morning. 

Felt good about my bench press today. 

Might have lost an hour long recording with Jimmy Moore -- but I'm staying positive and hopefully my tech savvy friend can get it working!  

Listened to a good This American Life podcast today. I'm all caught up on all the podcasts I listen to. Amazing.