SHL -- Saturday


AM -- woke at 6:30 and laid in bed for 30 minutes before I tested HRV and got up. Slept OK but didn't stop reading until midnight

PM -- had orange glasses on by 8:30 PM. Watched a movie with Jenn. In bed by 11 PM. Went right to sleep.


Rode bike home from hospital -- cold! 30 minute ride. 

10' warmup including 150 jump ropes and some plyometrics

3 x 3 shoulder press with 125#, then -- 

2 x 4' AMRAP with 2' rest (so 8 minutes total work around 2' of rest) 

12 weighted step ups

6 burpees

Did 6 rounds + 6 step ups -- used 50# DBs

Did lots of stretching after -- really feeling good. 

Rode bike up to hospital around 7:45 PM -- 30' ride. 


Glucose 91. Ketones 1.0 -- good numbers. 

7:30 AM -- ACV in water

10:30 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon, 2 raw egg yolks, mct and coconut oil (had right after my workout)

12:30 PM -- bone broth

2 PM -- raw cheese, boiled egg

5:30 PM -- leftover chuck steak from last night // steamed squash, tomato, garlic, okra in a bowl with a whole raw avocado and a tbsp of butter/ 3 oz raw cheese // 2 oz baking chocolate // lots of water // omega 3 fish oil tablets


I read "Do the Work" by Steven Pressfield. Great read. I'm going to read anything put out by the Domino Project . Incredible stuff.

HRV was 81 on iThlete and 64 on SweetBeat. Pretty different scores. I feel OK.  

6 days until Hunter's birth! Get to see my dogs tomorrow for the first time in two months. Making my girls breakfast this morning -- german pancakes with blueberries baked in ramekins.