Simply Human Lifestyle -- Friday


AM -- woke at 6:30 AM via alarm. Have a work thing I have to do early this morning. Slept good. Nurse came in and turned ALL FOUR CAN lights on at 6:28 to take her blood. Ridiculous,

PM -- had my orange glasses on by 9:30 PM. Those little orange LED tea lights are submersible so we played with those in the bath and had 2 coleman candle lanterns going. No artificial light after sunset until I got my glasses on.


Glucose was 85. Ketones 1.0. Right where I want to be. I've had to battle hunger the last two nights thanks to my glucose overload (on Saturday morning and Tuesday night). But I think I needed some carbs so it's all good.

7:30 AM -- acv in water

8 AM -- coffee with cinnamon, butter and coconut oil

12 PM -- bone broth, some raw Parmesan cheese, 1 boiled egg yolk

6 PM -- about 3/4 of a pound of chuck steak cooked in ghee on the stove, topped with sour cream and my homemade ketchup, 2 oz baking chocolate, 3 oz raw goat cheese, a huge bowl of steamed garlic, tomatoes, okra, bell pepper, baby carrots and raw avocado with some butter thrown in after it was steamed. Stuffed.



Back felt good enough to lift. Amazing how quick it got  better. 

10' warmup

3 x 5 dead lift with 245# 

4 x  

6 barbell bent row with 135# 

6 push press with 135# 

200m (ish) run

Rest long enough to be able to handle the heavier weight. 

Each round took between 1:20 - 1:29 with each faster than the last. Rested about 90 seconds between rounds.  

Did lots of banded distraction and stretches. My shoulder feels great. Been a year since I had no pain in my right shoulder.  


HRV was 80 on iThlete and 77 on Sweet Beat. Happy with numbers this morning. 

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Hunter being born in 7 days
  • Working with a friend on creating some cool infographics for my brand! 
  • It's Friday. 
  • Get to video conference with some colleagues this morning -- makes me feel a bit more normal to see everyone.