SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 7 AM to the alarm. Feel a little tired -- b/c I went to bed at midnight. 

PM -- put on orange glasses at 8:30 PM when I got to hospital -- watched a movie with jenn with them on. Was in bed before 11 PM.


Glucose was 103 and ketones were 0.1. Expected. And a good lesson (even though it's one I already knew) -- just because something says "unsweetened" doesn't mean it won't have a negative effect on your blood sugar or insides. Those unsweetened carob almonds are not a free pass -- don't be fooled. 

7:30 AM -- acv in water

10:45 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon, 2 egg yolks and coconut oil

12:30 PM -- bone broth

5 PM -- grass fed liver on some sauteed mushrooms // steamed squash, okra, zucchini and garlic in the steamer with some butter thrown on it after it was done cooking // 1/2 dill pickle // put some creole mustard on the liver


10' warmup

3 x 5 squat with 185

40 box jumps (stepping down each rep) at 24" 

10 thrusters with 95# 

40 situps

10 thrusters

40 box jumps


then I stretched and did some banded distraction -- my lower back is jacked. More on that tomorrow.


Didn't check HRV this morning.

9 days until Hunter's birth!! 

Interviewed Jimmy Moore today which will air on 10/28 podast!!