SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- Woke at 7 AM to the alarm. No trouble waking up. 

PM -- Put glasses on at 9:45 PM when I got to the hospital. Didn't get to bed until midnight. Lights out at 11:30 PM but Jenn and I talked for a while.


Glucose was 91 which is sort of on the high end. Ketones were 0.4 mmol/L.  

7:30 AM -- ACV in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT oil and cinnamon

12:30 PM -- bone broth

4:30 - 5:30 PM -- sink at my parents' house clogged up so I decided to make my liver delicacy tomorrow night and not cook tonight. I had a grass fed, beef hot dog, some raw sheep cheese, unsweetened carob almonds (which are still very sweet tasting to me), some pastured bacon I made last night, and two Chimay beers -- will be interesting to see what the carob almonds do to my glucose in the morning. Normally it makes it shoot up but I usually eat them later in the day and have a lot more food during the day than I had today. 


Rode bike home from hospital -- 30' 

Was going to workout at 3:30 but couldn't make it work schedule-wise so I'm planning on working out tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday. 


HRV on iThlete was 82. Sweet Beat was 76. Both apps said I was good to workout today. 

Today I'm grateful for

  • Hunter joining us in 10 days
  • Rain
  • My beard-growing ability (some human men in the world can't grow beards -- so sad)

Stopped at grocery store on the way home and got coconut milk, frozen raspberries and eggs to try and new recipe for girls this morning. I really like cooking new stuff -- then try to hold it together when the girls don't like it. Ha. 

Got to talk to a good buddy of mine today for a while. He may come on and guest co-host the Simply Human Podcast with me -- funny guy. Also got to talk to my brother via Skype for a while.