SHL -- Sunday


AM -- alarm went off at 7 AM. Felt great when I woke. Didn't wake up once during the night.  

PM --  put on orange glasses when I got the hospital (I've gotten to where I don't even take them off when nurses come in -- I don't care anymore). Was in bed at 11:30 PM listening to deep sleep track on Brain wave app.


rest day for the most part

Rode bike up to hospital tonight -- 30' 


8 AM -- ACV in water

8:30 -- coffee with butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and cinnamon (got my decaf so I'll drink decaf until the 12 oz are gone -- then switch back to caffeinated) 

4:30 PM -- 1/2 pound ground meat and 3 eggs cooked together in pan. Raw bell pepper dipped in fresh salsa. Sour cream on top of eggs/meat. 1/2 medium Spaghetti squash with white balsamic vinegar and 1/2 raw avocado. 2 oz baking chocolate. 4 oz raw Chipotle cheese.


Today I'm grateful for

  • 12 days until Hunter's birth
  • Jenn was awake when I left the hospital room this morning so I snuck in a kiss
  • Girls eating eggs cooked in ghee this morning
  • Got to make bulletproof coffee for my brother in law
  • Talked to Jenn for about an hour tonight -- good to just talk sometimes!


Glucose was 88 this morning which I was very happy about. 28 hours after my apple, honey, almond meal smorgasbord  my blood sugar was right back to normal. If I eat processed stuff (aka non-human food) it sometimes takes 3-4 days for my blood sugar to stabilize.  

I can't prove this as fact, but my theory is that I'm so dialed in to optimal nutrition that my body needed some glucose, gave me a craving for it, I gave it high quality, real-food forms of glucose (apples, nuts, honey), it got what it needed and went right back to normal. 

It's more common today for the body to send out a craving for something sweet and either a) it doesn't actually NEED the glucose it just wants the dopamine response or b) the brain's survival machine (the body) gives it a nutrient-less form of glucose causing over-consumption and the brain doesn't get what it needed when it sent the craving out in the first place.  

I haven't had any carbohydrates other than what's in baking chocolate and vegetables for about 6 weeks. It's a good feeling to know that I can actually translate my body's cravings. Like when I'm hungry I eat. When I'm thirsty I drink. When I want x food, I eat x food.