SHL -- Friday


Woke at 5 AM and was ready to go. Going to bed at 7 helped. 


8 AM -- ACV in water

8:30 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon, MCT oil

1:30 PM -- bone broth (started making another batch this afternoon, too) 

5:30 PM -- steamed wild caught salmon in my new, double-stack steamer. Had zucchini and bell pepper in the other one steaming. Also had a raw bell pepper cut into "chips" which I dipped in salsa. 2 oz baking chocolate. Some raw Gruyere reserve cheese. Nori sheet.  


rest day -- didn't ride bike anywhere or do anything.


It's my mom's birthday. I woke up early on accident but used it as an excuse to sneak home from the hospital, clean up the kitchen, do the laundry and dishes and get her present out and ready! 

Today I'm grateful for: 

my weird, sick feeling from last night being gone when I woke up this morning!  

my mom's 60th birthday today

family that's visiting this weekend -- hopefully going to see my dogs tomorrow for the first time in 65 days

interview with Dr. George Diggs this morning


Glucose was 91. Ketones 0.3 -- weirdly low number but no big deal. May have something to do with my intense workout yesterday.