SHL -- Thursday


Woke at 7:30 AM -- no alarm. Slept great. 

PM -- felt kind of weird tonight, in bed with mindfold sleepmask on at 10 PM.


8 AM -- ACV in water

10 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

4:40 PM -- glutamine and water after workout

5:30 PM -- leftover ground meat/egg mixture from last night topped with guacamole, sour cream and fresh salsa. I cooked 1/2 onion, 1/2 small container of sliced mushrooms, one garlic clove and about 5 raw okraw in a little bit of water on the stove in a frying pan. Once the veggies got soft, I scooped them out, put a tbsp of butter on top and some ground pepper. 2 oz baking chocolate, 2 oz raw cheese. Stuffed. 


rode bike home from hospital -- 30' super slow

10' warm up

3 x 5 shoulder press with 105# 

20 kettle bell swings

20 pull ups (combination strict and kip) 

15 KBS

15 pulls


5 pulls

800m run

used 53# kettle bell

Definitely  huffing and puffing after that one. Took me 12' exactly.  


Today I'm grateful for: 

iTunes approving my podcast! 

My son is healthy inside my wife's tummy -- probably deliver in 3 weeks!

My beautiful, incredible daughters. 

Beautiful weather. 

My wife is hot even after being on bed rest for 64 days. 


glucose was 82 this morning -- good. HRV was 83 on iThlete and 79 on SweetBeat. 

I ordered some decaf from  which I'm going to start cycling in to my routine. When it gets here I'm going to use it until it's gone (12 oz bag) then go back to regular for a couple of months -- order more decaf, use until it's gone, etc...

I have received several "yes's" from famous people to be interviewed on my show. Can't wait to keep rolling those out. Lots of fun to produce.