SHL -- Tuesday


was mentioned on Jimmy Moore's blog!!  

Woke at 7 AM. Blood sugar was 103 -- think it was because I ate much later than I have been. Ketones were 0.5. HRV was 82 on sweetbeat app and 87 on iThlete app so that's good since it's been in the toilet lately.


8 AM -- ACV in water // coffee with butter and coconut oil and cinnamon

1:30 PM -- 1/2 mason jar of bone broth with sea salt

5 PM -- ground beef steak, steamed veggies


No workout today. Will start my regular programming tomorrow. 

Rode my bike to work lunch which was right by hospital, then rode home around 3 PM. I talked to the Natural Grocers food demo person about doing some cooking demos in their Texas stores.