Holiday Check-in

I ran 5 miles the day after Christmas. Rode my indoor trainer and did a CF WOD with Ryan on Thursday at CF RoundRock. Rested on Friday (traveled all day). Ran 5 miles on Saturday for a total of 20 that week.

I ran 5 on Sunday, 6 on Monday and a CF WOD (Angie with 100 DBU buy-on and buy-out) on Tuesday.

I haven't done anything since then. Wednesday was a travel day then I was out of town Friday through Sunday.

My diet has been focused on regulating blood sugar by limiting carbs. I've been eating lots of eggs, cheese, butter, oils and nuts. I've had an grass fed sirloin on Friday night and some grass fed ground Bison on Saturday.

I have one week until the Half IM training starts and I'm going to focus this week on eating no more than 35g of carbs per day and not eating after 2 PM (only herbal teas in the evening). I'm going to do that until at least Monday and see how my body responds.