Another Good Book --- 3-Season Diet

John Douillard's book Body, Mind and Sport changed the way I train and his nutrition book will change the way I eat. Here are my takeaways.

Instead of 1 big meal in the evening -- one big meal at mid-day (or before 2 PM) and a "supplemental" (where the term 'supper' derived from) dinner.

I will have a high fat breakfast consisting of either eggs and cheese or Thunder Coffee (coffee with butter and coconut oil). As much as possible, my lunch will be very large and very relaxing. I will sit and eat. The meal will start off with a sliver of ginger and then consist of food items that coincide with the season. You'll have to read the book for specifics on those foods.

The meal will be long and relaxed with a focus on the textures, aromas, and taste of the food. Eating will be slow. The meal will end with another sliver of ginger (to aid in digestion) and some Triphala (a herb that also aids in digestion).

I am also experimenting with Gymnema Sylvestre and St. John's Wort as blood sugar stabilizers.

Lunch will include as many different tastes and textures as possible. Dinner will be small, a soup or salad or something similar.

My lunch today: bell pepper, tomatoes, broccoli cooked in coconut oil; 4.5 ounces of seared wild caught Tuna, 1 avocado, 3 eggs, 4 oz organic cheese, smoothie (heavy whipping cream, almonds, strawberries, kale, coconut oil).

Highly recommend the book....very enlightening and makes a lot of sense.