Day 7, Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training


5 front squat (FS) with 135, 25 pullups

4 FS with 155, 20 pullups

3 FS with 165, 15 pullups

2 FS with 175, 10 pullups

1 FS with 185, 5 pullups


Total time: 20'

Because I'm heaving, pullups are a little harder than usual...I did get 20 unbroken on the first set. Shoulder is feeling much better but can still feel it on the kip.

Interval Bike

10' WU

3x 5K with 5' recovery

1 - 7:03, 218w, 26.42 mph

2 - 6:50, 230w, 27.25 mph

3 - 6:30, 236w, 28.5 mph

Total time - 39:08, total distance - 13.68

Good ride. Glad I was able to get two workouts in today. Ended up missing an interval swim for a total of 9 workouts this week (supposed to get 10) for the second week in a row. That can't become habit. Vegas travel is what I blame the missed workout on, but that's not a good excuse.


breakfast - thunder coffee

lunch - pico de gallo and jalapenos at Rosa's, cheese from Natural Grocers

dinner - ribeye steak, sauteed mixed veggies (squash, tomatoes, broccoli), raw goat cheese, white wine, assorted nuts, apple with almond butter, frozen banana...fruit tasted incredible since I'm limiting it so much. I don't miss it all by the way.......