Day 6, Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike

35 miles in 2:13:22

HR - 133, average watts - 161

Loaded up BGs and my bike and drove to a gas station on the west side of Clyde. Rode over to 283 and south until we hit 17.5 miles. Had a flat tire on this ride at about the 25 mile mark. 40 degrees pretty much the whole ride so it was REALLY cold...hands were numb and it was really hard to change that tire. Very low Zone 2 ride. Union Hill is always a beating. Rode the Tarmac -- decided to train almost exclusively on the Tarmac outside so the Shiv feels extra fast on race day. I'll still be getting some aero position on the Transition inside.


pre-ride - coffee with MCT oil

post ride - thunder coffee

lunch - (3 pm) steamed salmon, cooked veggies, boiled eggs, cheese, walnuts

dinner - fat smoothie light (1/2 the heavy whipping cream), assorted nuts and some cheese, also had a "treat" -- apple with almond butter. Since the only fruit I've been eating the last several weeks has been strawberries, an apple tasted like nectar from the gods.