Day 5, Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Run

6x800 (rest as long as interval takes)

WU: 5 laps in 9:15 -- rest 0:45

MS: all 800s in either 2:57 or 2:58

CD: 5 laps

Total distance - 7 miles (28 laps)

Total time - 55:50

Ran at 5:15 AM at ACU track with JB. Pretty happy with this run considering how my 800s went last week. 40 degrees when we started. Lights were on. JB hardly broke a sweat...I paced, he stayed right with me the whole time, no sweat.

Traditional Swim

WU: 400, then 6x50 on 15"

MS: 12x100 on 10"

4x50 kick on 20"

CD: 200

Total distance - 2,300 yards

Total time - 49:09

Shoulder feels much, much better. Don't know what happened. Never hurt one time. Swam at lunch at ACU pool.


Breakfast - thunder coffee

Lunch - braised, grass fed pork liver (cooked over night in slow roaster), sauteed kale, hazelnuts, raw cheese, 1/2 avocado

Dinner - eggs cooked in butter, assorted raw unsalted nuts, cheese