Day 3, Week 1 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Run

5x800 (rest by running a slow lap as long as the 800 took)






Felt fine on the first 2 but the wheels fell of midway through the 3rd 800. I'm really out of speed shape. I've been doing this workout (5 to 10 800s) for 4 years and have never posted an 800 slower than 3:15 (maybe even 3:10). That being said, I haven't done an interval/speed workout since the beginning of November so I expected to not have the speed.

Total distance: 6.2 miles (10,000 meters - 25 laps)

Total time: 50:55


10 x 30" max effort alternating between airdyne bike and rowing followed by 10 sit outs (start in plank position, take right foot in front of left foot and touch right hip to the ground while keeping right foot off the ground, left hand comes off the ground...then repeat on other side). Rest 1:30

Total time: 20'


down another pound today...

Breakfast: Thunder coffee

Lunch: grass fed prosciutto, kippered herring, boiled egg, spaghetti squash, avocado, raw/unpasteurized cheese

Dinner: Fat smoothie -- added 30g raw spinach and had 50g of macadamia nuts

2,876 calories - 260g fat, 100g protein, 33g carbs (81% fat, 14% protein, 5% carbs)