Day 2, Week 1 - 12 week Half IM training

Traditional Run*

5:30 AM - Body, Mind & Sport run

5' yoga, 5' brisk walking, then 4.9 miles in 45', then 5' walking (2nd minute = 6 breaths, 3rd minute = 5 breaths, 4th minute = 4 breaths, 5th minute = 3 breaths)

45' total

I played my guitar last night and had my right knee bent up under me weird for about 15 minutes. When I got up, my knee pain was the worst it has been since it starting bothering me last week. That was about 6:30 PM. At 7:30 PM the pain was gone and I haven't felt it since....weird. No knee pain whatsoever...completely gone. Legs felt great on the run. Keeping breath rate no higher than 15 per minute...stayed closer to 12 per minute for most of run. Listened to Vinnie Tortorich podcast.

Long Swim

WU: 300 & 3x100

MS: 4x200 on 30" (all <3:30)

8x100 on 15" rest (all around 1:38-1:40)

200 kick

6x100 on 10" rest

CD: 200

Total time: 1:03:13 (did it in 1:01:18 last year)

Total distance: 3,200 yards

Decent swim. Really focusing on form. Knee pain is vanished, but my right shoulder feels like it's about to go at any second with one wrong move. Need to go see someone about it before I mess it up worse.


breakfast: Thunder Coffee

Lunch: braised pork liver (cooked in crock pot for about 8 hours with diced tomatoes, liquid aminos and some spices), cooked kale, steamed winter squash, walnuts, raw/unpasteurized cheese, avocado

Dinner: Fat Smoothie (same as yesterday)

Weight was down about 5 today...good sign.

Calories right around 2,400. 35g carbs, more than 200g of fat...about 75g of protein.

*see post on January 14 for training plan details and terminology