Day 7, Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Run

8x800 with 1:1 work/rest ratio.

5 lap warmup (9:25)

1 - 2:58

2 - 2:59 hr 160

3 - 2:58 hr 162

4 - 2:56 hr 164

5 - 2:59 hr 164

6 - 2:59 hr 162

7 - 3:00 hr 163

8 - 2:57 hr 165

Total time 1:08:25. Distance = 8.5 miles (34 laps).

Feel good about this run considering how sore my legs were yesterday. Not quite as sore this morning but could definitely feel the effects of the last few days. Cool down was another 5 laps (after the 8th recovery lap). Ran at 6 AM on ACU track. Dark when I started and watched the sun come up over Crutcher Scott Field during my run. About 60 degrees this morning, too. Started off with a light, long sleeve shirt and was shirtless by the 3rd 800.



135 front squat

Toes 2 Bar

9:33. Total time was 20'

Well, I did it. After missing two full days at the beginning of the week, I was able to get my 10th and final Week 4 session in and all 10 of my Week 5 sessions. Can't believe it.


green smoothie after run and CF WOD.

Rest of the day - carob cubes, carob raisins, lots of fruit, 1/2 Ezekial bread with almond butter, beans, dates, LARA bars, cashews...not counting calories today and just eating as much VFBNS as I want. Lots of blue corn chips too which (for the last few times I've eaten them) make my nights absolute hell...super gassy and bloated every time I eat I'm done with them.