Day 3, Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training week 4 is officially in the books since I FINALLY got my long run in and Week 5 begins now. I have 5 days to get in 10 workouts...this should be fun.


Row 500

body weight bench x 30

Row 1000

body weight bench x 20

row 2000

body weight bench x 10

28:05. Goal was 20' but bench took much longer than I anticipated. Used 180 lbs. Had to rest quite a bit during bench reps...but was also focused on controlling the weight and form.

Total time - 40'

Interval Bike

4x 1M TT with 1:2 work/rest ratio

1 - 2:30, 24.19 mph, 367w, 151 hr

2 - 2:28, 24.64 mph, 374w, 156 hr

3 - 2:22, 25.1 mph, 381w, 160 hr

4 - 2:22, 25.38 mph, 394w, 162 hr

Riding with power makes such a huge difference. I was looking at some indoor intervals on bike from last year and I was happy about getting HR to touch the 150s on an interval. Ha. I was up in the 170s towards the end of the last 3 intervals. I literally collapsed off the bike. Didn't think there was any way I could increase watts every interval but I was able to.

Total time 41:45. Total distance - 9 miles.


my weight is up a little...need to get down closer to 175 by the Sprint Tri I'm doing end of this month. Going to count calories for two weeks to recalibrate...I'm not a huge advocate of counting calories, but I do it every once in a while just to reel back in my perceptions of how much I'm eating (so easy to think you're eating less and burning more than  you actually are).

Post-Run (details of run on Day 7, Week 4) - green smoothie (spinach, chard, blueberries, ice, coconut water, water, maca powder, chia seeds, spirulina, vega protein, bell pepper, yellow squash) -- half serving was 207.5 calories (entire smoothie had 19g protein, 3.8g fat, 79g carbs)

PostWOD - rest of green smoothie (207.5 calories)

Dinner - quinoa and tempeh with almond curry sauce, celery with "cheese" spread, raw okra, carrots, cashews, walnuts (really watching portions since I'm tracking calories). 35 grams of cashews (little more than one ounce -- or a small handful) has about 200 calories in it. So you can see that eating 4-5 handfuls of cashews after dinner will add about 1,000 calories to your day in about 15 seconds.

1,750 calories. 16% from protein, 51% from carbs, 33% from fat -- good day. Complete VFBNS and the only fruit was the blueberries.