Day 3, Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training


4 rounds:

400m run

10 lunges with 95# held overhead

15 squat holding two 53# kettlebells

5 burpee box jumps (24" - clearing the box completely)

18:30. Total time was 30'

Did pullups and Skin the Cats before WOD. The kettlebell squats were horrid. I did them all without dropping them.

Long Swim

3,200 meters

WU - 500, 8x50 on 15"

MS - 2000m TT

100 easy

CD - 200

I did this and originally thought I was swimming yards but found out after that it was meters. 2000 took me 37:18 which I was disappointed in when I thought it was yards. That converts to a 34' 2,000 yard swim which is really good for me. Whole workout took me 1:04. Did at Zach's Club in Amarillo. Last time I did this session was in this pool.


green smoothie post WOD - blueberries, spinach, romaine, maca, spirulina, vega protein, squash, bell pepper, lemon juice

Dinner - hummus from yesterday, cabbage salad, okra, carrots, broccoli, cashews

1,750 calories