Day 6, Week 4 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 4:45 AM.

Long Bike (short run brick)

50.28 miles

2:38:18, 18.9 mph

watts = 188, HR = 134

transition time of 4:31

3.5 miles in 30 minutes. Total time 3:13:18

Left from south side of town. Down 127 to tuscola, over to 89 then down 280 and 279 (great roads, no traffic, huge hills), back to 89 to 277 and back to Abilene. LOVE that route. Relentless hills. Happy with my mph because I was on the Tarmac and there were tons of hills. Wind wasn't too bad. Started at 6:20 so I had about an hour of riding before sunrise. Two flashing red lights on the back and my super bright head light up front. Starting drinking water at 1:30. Also started taking swigs of Accelerade at 1:30 and every 20 minutes until the end. Took a gel at 2 hours.

Felt fine on the run. Doing something new after reading Eat and Run...nasal breathing. It's also a good indicator to keep you from going out to fast on the run. If I start not being able to get enough air strictly through the nose, I slow down. 3 steps/second. Good workout.



135# power clean

15 wall ball throws with 20# ball

9:33 total time 20'

Did this WOD at around 3 PM.


Tough day of workouts...

pre-bike - blended salad (spinach, romaine, 2 dates, banana, 1/2 "go-to" pre long ride/run formula).

Post-bike - recovery pudding (almonds, blueberries, spinach, carob powder, hemp protein, flaxseed, lemon juice), coconut water

Had some carrots and nuts around lunchtime.

Dinner - grilled tempeh on bed of quinoa topped with "cheese" from eat and run. See recipes section. 1/2 of Haelyn's bean burrito.

Snack - cashews, "cheese" spread on a tortilla and with some carrots