Day 5, Week 6 - 12 week Half IM training

Was going to do long run this morning but am pretty sore so decided to do it Sunday morning before church and not have a full rest day this week. Today will be as close to a rest day as I'll get.



front squats with 95#



9:34, total time 20'


Lunch appt at Jason's - spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper

Recovery smoothie - spinach, chard, romaine, maca powder, spirulina, vega protein, squash, blueberries, water, ice

Dinner - cabbage/bok choy salad with almond curry thai sauce (I'm obsessed and getting very good at making it), spaghetti squash with cooked mushrooms, onions and tomatoes (huge dish has about 160 calories), bowl of pinto beans with 1/2 avocado, bowl of cashews/walnuts

Total of about 1,750 calories...85ish grams of protein.