Day 4, Week 6 - 12 week Half IM training


Hub City CF

15' EMOTM - 1 heavy deadlift with 275


30 power clean and jerk with 115#

30 burpee box jump 24" box

20 power snatch with 95#


10 front squat with 115#

10 muscle up

19:07 - cap was 20' Total time of 30'

Long Bike

Total time 1:25 - total distance 21.53 miles

15' warm up - 177 watts, 127 HR

5x3:1 where each interval gets a little more tough from a HR standpoint. Watts/HR average for the five intervals: 222/143, 234/143, 240/144, 250/148, 269/153.

15' easy spin - 149 watts, 132 HR

5x3:1. Watts/HR average for intervals: 204/136, 220/142, 230/144, 244/150, 272/156.

15' easy spin - 148 watts, 133 HR

Went a higher gear each interval so they were more like climbing sets. Never looked at watts during ride...only HR b/c that's what workout called for. Ended up nailing it though. Watched the Last Airbender during


green power pudding (spinach, bok choy, lemon juice, frozen berries, yellow squash, green bell pepper, vega protein, spirulina, maca powder)

Dinner - cabbage/bok choy salad with almond thai curry dressing, pinto beans, okra, carrots, cashews, mushrooms, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, walnuts

Total calories was 1,750 with around 90g of protein. Had 1,250 after dinner then ate cashews to finish it off...not very many cashews makes up 500 calories by the way.

If my bike had been longer I would have experimented with the Hammer Perpeteum I got. Vegan friendly sports drink mix. Next week I have a 4 hour session which will be the first time to experiment with homemade gels and Hammer sports drink.

Also think I've decided to run CMN marathon in Abilene a week after the Half IM in Austin...five weeks before Dallas Marathon.