15 x
115# power clean x 30 every 30"
7.5 minutes total...really just a glorified warmup

5 x
30" HSPU
60" burpee box jump, 24in
90" 10 meter shuttle sprint
60" rest
I did 42 reps in first round, 41 in last and lost track in between...I'm thinking it was somewhere around 210 total reps...totally terrible workout.

CFE tempo swim
1,750 yards (35 down and back)
Decent swim considering how incredibly sore I am from yesterday's run and hero WOD.

vega protein post WOD - coconut water
strawberries after swim
Dinner - homemade hummus and broccoli, celery/almond butter, black beans mixed with avocado, little bit of leftover spaghetti squash, frozen fruit (same as yesterday), cashews, 1/2 pita pocket and 1 small Ezekial tortilla