Day 3, Week 4 - 12 week Half IM training

Interval Run

3x800 with 2' rest

Warmed up with an 800 in my 5-fingers, then some dynamic stretching and drills. Wanted to try and run these pretty fast since there were only three.

1 - 2:50, hr 160

2 - 2:43, hr 162

3 - 2:46, hr 165

Good run. I have the 8x800 run coming up next week and I'd love to keep them all around 2:50 instead of 3:00 which is what I've been doing a lot on my 800s lately.

Total time 22'. Total distance 2 miles.


post run - green smoothie (chard, spinach, blueberries, water, ice, maca powder, spirulina, vega protein, chia seeds) ... also had a handful of raisins leftover from Haelyn's school snack

Dinner - large salad, spaghetti squash with mushrooms and tomatoes, pinto beans, veggies and cheese spread

Dessert - chia pudding (from Eat and Run ... if it's good, I'll post recipe), frozen bananas, cashews