Day 2, Week 4 - 12 week Half IM training

Slept until 7AM. Was going to get up early but I was up til 1 AM finishing a Stephen King book.

Interval Bike

5x 2M interval with 90" rest

Watts, Speed, Time, HR

    281, 21.22, 5:40, 146

    261, 20.45, 5:50, 149

    271, 20.62, 5:48, 152

    252, 20.05, 5:58, 151

    283, 21.92, 5:30, 158

Total time was 46:34. Total distance 13.08 miles.


Lunch - JD salad bar (spinach, bell pepper, mushrooms, peppers, carrots)

Dinner - cabbage/bok choy salad with almond curry sauce (see recipes tab), pinto beans with cooked jalapenos, spaghetti squash with mushroom and tomato "sauce", couple of carrots with tahini and the rest of the "cheese" spread from yesterday. (I'm so excited that Jenn LOVES the cheese spread and the cabbage salad...I've made so many things that she doesn't like, great to have something now as a go-to).

Dessert - frozen mangos, cashews, raisins