Day 4, Week 3 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike

15' warmup

3x15' of heavy, big gear (60-65 RPM), 5' rest

45' moderate effort

2:05:14 total bike - 2:10 total workout time (transition and 8 minute miles)

18.3 mph, 168 watts, 38.34 miles...then I ran a mile off the bike.

Practice nasal breathing per Scott Jurek (Eat and Run) and actually got into a pretty good rhythm with it...on the bike and run. The big gear intervals were all done into the wind. Really took it easy during warmup and the two 5' recovery periods. Went to Clyde then south on 604, turned around at 18.5 miles.



L-pull ups

25# back extension

Time: 7:37 (used Haelyn as my weight on back extension). Tried to be as solid on form for L-pullups as possible...which is why it took me 7 minutes.

Total time 20'


post ride/run - smoothie (chard, kale, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, ice, water, maca powder, spirulina, vega protein)

Post WOD - rest of the smoothie (made about 24 ounces)

Dinner - large salad, lentils (1/2 c dry) cooked with fresh jalapeno, onion and red bell pepper;  spaghetti squash with mushroom and tomatoes on top, celery with almond butter, carrot with tahini. Great dinner.

Dessert - frozen bananas, watermelon, cashews