Day 3, Week 3 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 5 AM. I've been having 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water right when I wake up for the last couple of weeks...

CF Midland

1.5 mile run, 30 atlas stone pickups with 95# stone


155# power clean x 2 every :30 for 5 minutes

2x 1' T-bird holds (holding body straight out in glute ham developer with arms out like wings)

30' total

Interval Run

4x 800 with 2x rest

1 - 2:58 (hr 158) // 5:56 rest (walked around track slowly during all rest periods)

2 - 2:50 (hr 162) // 5:40 rest

3 - 2:47 (hr 164) // 5:34 rest

4 - 2:42 (hr 167)

39' total (3.25 miles...LOTS of recover time built into this one). Good run. Amazing what a little extra rest between intervals and clouds will let you do. It was 68 when I started this morning...really cool. Legs felt pretty fatigued during the first one...pretty shocked that I cut the last one down by 16 seconds. Ran at a track in Midland.


Post WOD - pudding (1 bag of frozen blueberries, 1tbsp spirulina, 1/2 tsp maca powder, little bit of water, vega protein scoop, 1/2 bell pepper). Ate half after CF WoD, half after run.

Lunch - small salad (spinach, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper), handful of cashews, carob almonds and carob energy cubes (while I was driving home).

Dinner - Indonesian salad with almond curry dressing (Jenn tried it to and loved it). Same as last is SUPER favorite dish. Quinoa with onions and Mrs. Dash spice (1/2c dry). Rest of homemade hummus (from last night) and broccoli. Few spoonfuls of black beans (mixed with spinach and flaxseed) leftover from girls' dinner.

Snack - right after dinner, several handfuls of unsweetened carob chips. Stopped eating at 7:30 PM. No fruit tonight since I went a little crazy on the carob today.

Legs pretty sore...hope they feel better by tomorrow.