Day 7, Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training

Jenn let me sleep until 9 AM. Had some GI issues during the night...think it's from eating so late after nearly a week of not eating after 8. Could also be a gluten thing...had some chips late night, too.



100 lb dumbell snatch x10 (I only have 47# DBs so that's what I used...#panzy)

200ft run

3:46...probably should have done 8 rounds since I was doing half the weight.

Long run

WU: 10'

MS: 6x800 (rest as long as 800 takes)

CD: 10'

1 - 2:58 (hr 167)

2 - 2:58 (hr 165)

3 - 2:56 (hr 168)

4 - 2:58 (hr 169)

5 - 2:59 ( hr 171)

6 - 2:58 (172)

SUPER hot. 55:56 total time. Happy with this run considering how dang hot it was today. Ran at ACU track while football team was practicing...can't imaging being in pads...oh wait, yes I can.


snacked on random stuff at jason's (crackers, half of jenn's salad, few bites of Hope's ice cream)

smoothie (blueberries, water, ice, maca powder, spirulina, hemp protein, banana, 1/2 orange, flaxseed, spinach, kale) ... drank this after CF WOD and right after run.

Dinner - 2 rosa's burritos, nut clusters (carob chips, walnuts, almond milk), cantaloupe, gumbo (thanks HB), carob cubes, Nana's gluten free cookie, home grown tomato with Mrs. Dash