Day 6, Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training

Long bike

Not sure on the specs. My power meter seems to be full but I've cleared it several times...not sure what the problem is there.

Right at 40 miles in about 2:05:00 (first 20 against the wind in 1:10, 2 big hills near halfway point)

Watts in the 187 range. HR was 139, I did see that for sure. Focusing on keeping HR in the Z2 range (130s for me). Went out to Union Hill and back. Nice, easy ride.

Long Swim

WU: 300, then 3x100
MS: 4x200 on 30" rest
8x100 on 15" rest
200 kick
6x100 on 10" rest
CD: 200

Finished this swim in far the fastest I've ever done this swim. Felt really great in the water.


post bike - smoothie (pear, spinach, kale, blueberries, flaxseed, vega protein, spirulina, maca powder, water, ice)

Dinner - large salad, lentils with onions, dark cherries and bananas, celery/almond butter