Day 9 of 10 day STRICT VFBNS

Barbara is tough.
it's 20 pulls
30 pushups
40 situps (with feet not anchored)
50 air squats
rest 3' between the five sets

CFE short interval swim
3 x (25, 50, 75) work:rest = 1:1 so if the 25 takes 18" you rest 18"
Did all 25s at 17, 50s at 39 and 75s at 1:03. Good swim.

juice for lunch
Vega this morning after WOD
Dinner - had friends over: large salad, spaghetti squash, carob cubes, frozen banana, almonds
Didn't juice today because of our company and since I'll be doing a 6 day fast next week (starting after dinner Saturday night)