Day 8 of 10 day STRICT VFBNS

Much like I do during a 15-day juice fast, for the next 2 days I'm going to be very specific on the blog about what I eat. Basically showing how to train and eat only VFBNS (veggies fruits beans nuts seeds) for long-term lifestyle change


CFE short interval bike
10 x 30' of work, 2' rest
(will add watts, mph, and distance when I upload data from my powertap)

vega drink after bike
leftover beans from lunch around 5 PM
Dinner - blue taco burrito (wheat tortilla not VFBNS)
vegan ice cream that a friend of mine made
couple of carob cubes
carob nut clusters that Jenn made (VFBNS except for the whey powder in the carob chips)