CFE day

Ran 10K this morning in 42:20. Felt pretty good.
New Timex watch/HR monitor is pretty sweet.

CFE long interval bike
5' all out effort, 3 rest
Riding inside with watts is a different beast. You can't just go on "feel."
Rode in the garage...SUPER hot. Before the last interval I reminded myself that I could either coast through the finish line, or really work...that THIS is where strength and speed is gained. I told myself I was going to hit 250+ watts. Halfway through I was losing steam, about to pass out, and at 248, but somehow managed to finish just above my goal number.
I practically fell off the bike...could hardly breathe. THAT'S how an interval workout should end...with you almost dying. It does no good if you work intervals the same intensity as a longer distance phase. 

post run - blueberries, blackberries, lemon juice, carob powder, hemp protein, flaxseed, spinach processed up
lunch - couple of pieces of avocado roll, miso soup, cooked veggies (small amount of leftover from Hope)
snack - carob cubes, blue corn chips, celery/almond butter, LARA bar
Dinner - raw veggies, homemade hummus
snack - carob cubes, 1/2 of a medium cheeseless veggie pizza

Got all 10 workouts in this week.