Final Weigh-in and Before/After pics

Was 76.0 kg this morning, which is 167.5 pounds.
I started at 188.7. That's a total of 21.2 lbs in 15 days.

Now...BIG FOOTNOTE here.
I weighed 188.7 three days after the Ironman. Your body has a tendency to retain some water and other fluids for a few days after a long distance race. Same thing happens to me after Half IM or full marathon. So even if I had been eating normally after race day, I would have gained some of that weight.

On top of that, I ate whatever I wanted Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after the race. See the details here.
So that 188.7 is inflated, and I look pretty puffy. All that in mind...

If you want to see the before and after pics. Go here.
Even if you estimate that 6-8 pounds of that was fluids, which is a lot, that's still 14-16 pounds in 15 days.