Day 14 beginning

Last night as I went to set my alarm I realized something...the last time my alarm was set to was 4 AM, which means the last time I used my alarm was May 19, the morning of the Ironman. Now THAT'S what I call a rest period. I feel great.

Woke at 6 AM and weighed. Down another 0.9 for a total of 19.9 in 14 days.
Just heard from my dad who's lost 14.6 POUNDS IN A WEEK. That's incredible. He hasn't weighed everyday. He waited until a week to see it all at once. Amazing results.

Anyway, I did the CF Warmup then did some strengthening work to ease back in to CF.
Here are the specs:

3 x

overhead squat with PVC pipe x 10
samson stretch - 10-15 seconds each leg
glute-ham developer situps x 10
back extension x 10
dips x 10
pullups x 10
pullups and dips are much easier when you weigh 168.

Strength work:
2 x 10 assisted pistols
2 x 5 box pistols, with box raised
2 x 10 75# shoulder press
2 x 5 KB shoulder press, 35#
5 hand stand pushup negatives

I have a couple of CF goals to be able to do pistols (one-legged squats) and hand stand pushups better, so I'm going to work on those things a little bit every time I WOD.

Felt great going through movements with the exception of getting a little light headed after the HSPU negatives.