CF and CFE

HubCity CF (Lubbock)
buy in: 800m run
10 burpees
20 kettlebell swings with 45#
30 lunges with 25# overhead
buy out: 800m run

19:36...brutal. Did the first 800 in 3:10.

CFE short interval swim
10' WU
15x 25yards on 1' rest
first one was 19"...the rest of the intervals were either 18 or 17. 18 one way, 17 the other. I think there's a current going on way in the pool...very subtle, but can be only explanation. Feel good in the water.

post WOD - coconut water, 16oz strawberries, handful of pine nuts (they had spilled out of the bulk foods at United and I grabbed a handful...ha!)
Dinner - 2 trips through Jason's Deli, raw veggies and homemade hummus (the stuff I made with white kidney beans ... really good and about 50 fewer calories per 1/2 can)
Snack - dried mangos, carob nut clusters, carob almonds, fruit "cake" (Jenn threw me a little birthday get together and I was inundated with many scrumptious goodies)