Woke at 5AM

CF Midland
partner "Cindy"
5 pulls
10 pushups
15 air squats
So while I'm doing pulls, partner is on pullup bar holding his chin above the bar, then he drops down and does pushups while I hold my chin above bar, then I drop down and do squats while he holds above bar, etc...
We did 16 rounds + 7 squats. We used bands after about the fourth round on the "holds". Tough.
Then I did some shoulder strength work:
2x10 shoulder press 65#
2x10 1-arm push press 35# DB
5 HSPU negatives

CFE long interval run
10' warmup
6 3/4 laps
6 1/2 laps
I've done this before and done 8 laps for both sets. I'm slow as Christmas but looking forward to increasing intensity in my training and getting some speed and explosion back.

2 trips thru JD salad bar
raw veggies, homemade hummus
4 carob cubes
cashews, garlic sesame sticks, celery/almond butter, raisins, frozen bananas