Today...long menu note included (new strategy)

Weird to not have some sort of count down in the title of my posts.
Been since January that my posts were all title "Today..."

I don't start doing any formal training until the end of July when I start gearing up for Half IM in October.

After SF trip I juiced yesterday. Made two relatively small juices and had an herbal tea last night.
Took a rest day yesterday, too.

Legs feel much better this morning.
CFE warmup
1 - 3:15 on 3:30
2 - 3:19 on 4
3 - 3:20 on 4
4 - 3:20 on 4
5 - 3:18 on 3:30
6 - 3:21 on 4
7 - 3:21 on 4
8 - 3:21

Good swim. Lower back is pretty tight.

300m row
20 WBS
10 pulls

Legs still pretty sore in the deep squat. Took me to the end of the WOD to finally get loose.

note: After the last juice fast, I put the scale away and basically just ate as much VFBNS (veggies fruits beans nuts seeds) that I wanted. I overdid it and ended up gaining a few pounds back that I wish I hadn't...then I was in the IM training and couldn't afford to go on a calorie reduction to lose weight, I needed calories.
That being said, I do not want to gain back unwanted weight. My goal is to stay under 175 all the time (I'm faster on my legs, in the water, on the bike, and doing CF WODs when I'm <175). I was 173.5 this morning after a couple of "fat" days in SF, so I'm happy about that.
Normally when I travel, I'll have a Jason's Deli then go get some cashews, dried fruit, LARA bars, and a bunch of other stuff which is VFBNS just TOO MUCH of it.
My plan moving forward is to have Jason's Deli for dinner, then only have raw veggies and homemade hummus in the evening for my "snack" (while still having only berries during the day - Warrior Diet). 

To prove that you can travel and still eat good, I brought my food processor and am going to make some hummus tomorrow night (no salt added chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic powder, dill, Mrs. Dash fiesta seasoning, hemp seeds, avocado). A serving of that has about 350 calories...combined with nothing but raw veggies, olives, and red wine vinegar, that should keep me at around 1,500 calories for a typical day...if that. A low we'll see what happens with my weight after three straight days of doing this.  If it maintains, I'll know it's a good plan. If I lose too much, I'll have a couple of access calorie days on the weekend.  Going to limit fruit during the week, too.

When you eat a ton of raw veggies, it really fills you up but broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots have an insanely low number of calories. You literally can't overeat them.

OK...details on dinner and snack:

JD salad bar:
2 trips through - mixed greens, spinach, tomato, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, onions, red bell pepper, kalamata olives, cucumber, mushrooms, slivered almonds, ground black pepper, red wine vinegar, and Italian peppers.
Snack: broccoli, cauliflower, Italian peppers, carrots and homemade hummus
banana (1)