Dinner day 9 & Urban update

Juice #29
sweet potato

Experimented with cilantro. Not too much...it was pretty good. I'll be using it again.
I have enough veggies for the morning then I'll need to make a Natural Grocers run before my lunch juice.

Urban Update

Just got off the phone with him. He's wrapping up day 3 and feeling good. He's going to wait until Sunday to weigh. Also been experimenting with different veggies and finding out what is NOT good to juice...like half an onion. HA! He chased that one this afternoon with a fruit juice. Don't blame him...ick.


Day 9 in the books. Feel good. Stopped and got a coffee on way home from work today. That perked me up a little. I haven't had coffee since Saturday...normally only drink it if I'm on a road trip for work and start getting heavy lidded which is like once or twice a month.

Walked about a mile with the girls tonight, too. Planning on mowing tomorrow and riding my bike at least a couple of times over the weekend. Monday is Day 13.

I wrote out all the veggies that I'm going to eat on Wednesday night at Jason's. Can't wait to eat:
mixed greens
red bell peppers
red wine vinegar
slivered almonds
sunflower seeds

then some slow baked pinto beans when I get home.

The plan is to stay VFBNS as long as possible. I do that the majority of the time with the exception of sprouted wheat (Ezekial bread) on occasion.

Also planning my meals for after the fast and after I get back from San Francisco.

Dinner will look the same: large salad, cooked veggies, beans (or wild caught Alaskan salmon maybe 2-3 times a month), maybe some oats, barley, or wild rice, too
Then my night time snack will be smaller, maybe do mainly raw veggies with homemade hummus and go easy on the fruit except on weekends. I'd like to keep my weight around 175 all the time.

That homemade hummus I make has no oil in it and I think I'm going to add black beans and cilantro and onions and some other stuff I haven't normally put in there. It's fun to experiment. Better than the oily, salty stuff you get at the store. A great filler upper before bed, too: tons of raw veggies with that hummus spread.

Ok...I'm rambling. Good night.