Week 15, Day 3 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 11 PM. Woke at 6 AM.

Recovery ride
33.33 miles
160 average watts (took it nice and easy)
18.6 mph
118 HR average
1:47 on the bike

Took off at 7:15. 50 degrees. Didn't feel that bad though.
Met Brad McCall 8 miles west of Amarillo in Bushland. We rode together for about 8 miles.
My heart rate is definitely getting more efficient. Thought maybe it was just a matter of me not working as hard...but I can see now that it's not. My heart has become even more efficient. Good sign...

Key swim
4,375 yards (4,000 meters)
WU - 800
MS - 3 x 800
CD - 800
Yeah, so five 800s. Felt good in the water. Took me 1:24 and change.

16 oz strawberries before swim
16 oz strawberries at around 2 pm...guess I'm on a strawberry kick. 1 pound of strawberries has 145 calories.
Dinner - 2 trips through JD salad bar, crackers
Snack - cashews, carob cubes, celery/almond butter, veggies, celebratory Nana's cookie from NG.