Quote of the Day

"The frequent-feeing system (followed by many people today) is where you eat relatively small, frequent meals throughout the day. Those who advocate frequent feedings say that it puts less pressure on the digestive tract and keeps sugar levels stable. And, especially for physically active individuals, it allegedly enables them to ingest more protein throughout the day to further build muscles.

I understand the philosophy and science behind this, but I also see the down side. With all due respect, the huge disadvantage of the frequent-feeding system is that the body never gets a break to detoxify, to recuperate, and to let the pancreatic system rest. Additionally, when you deposit material so often without giving your body enough time to detoxify, you basically deplete your body's pool of enzymes. This often results in compromised digestion, especially of proteins. The loss of digestive power weakens the immune system, and if this is unchecked, it may lead to waste of lean tissues and disease. A large percentage of those who practice frequent feeding no longer have a healthy feeding cycle. It's no wonder that so many people today suffer from digestive disorders, constipation, weight gain, and related diseases. These problems are so pronounced that the companies who sell drugs to help people become "regular" make a bloody fortune.

The Warrior Diet is built on daily detoxification and enzyme loading. If you practice this diet, you'll eventually reach your own natural cycle and should be able to sustain prime health and increase your resilience to stress and disease. This makes the Warrior Diet radically different from all conventional diets today..."

         Ori Hofmekler, The Warrior Diet

I have been following the Warrior Diet (which is basically eating one big meal at night) since last September.