Weekend Menu

After Ironman I had all but one piece of a large veggie supreme from Papa Johns and some M&Ms.
Sunday we went to Black Eyed Pea in The Woodlands. I got a veggie flatbread sandwich with a side of beans. Then had about 8 pieces of cornbread with honey, a few rolls, 3 onion rings with ketchup, spinach artichoke dip with chips.

Last night...a take and bake large pizza from Papa Murphy's in Georgetown - spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions, olives.
Dessert was a pint of Southern Blackberry Cobbler blue bell ice cream (haven't had ice cream since New Year's Eve of 2010) then about 1/2 pint of Butter Crunch ice cream, some peanut M&Ms, and some Reese's minis.

Planning on a couple of "normal" days today and tomorrow. Then will start with a scrumptious veggie juice on Wednesday morning...and that's all I'll have until June 6.