IRONMAN Stream of Consciousness

Bed at midnight. Woke at 4 AM.
Made a "pudding" at 4 AM (frozen blueberries, oatmeal, lemon juice, almonds, hemp protein, flaxseed, carob powder, banana)
Made all bottles and made sure bags were packed. Made blended salad (romaine, spinach, avocado, dates, banana)...put it in a tupperware to eat before swim. Sipped on water with Nuun tablets.
Read Psalm 40. Prayed on my knees.
JB got up at 4:50. We left at 5 AM. Stopped at gas station and got coffee.
Made it to transition at 5:30 AM. Bike was damp from morning dew/humidity. Taped gels to frame. Wiped off handle bars with paper towels. Put computer on bike. Borrowed a pump from a dude and aired up tires. During this time (before sun came darkness), we heard a tire blow out while someone was pumping up and a collective "oooohhhh" /groan went up from the masses in transition.
John also borrowed a pump and aired his tires up.
We left transition and started the long walk to the swim start with thousands of other people.
About 3/4 of the way there I decided the lines to the porta potty would be too long so I walked a few feet into the woods and relieved myself (1 and 2). Par for the course.
I dropped my special needs bags off and we found a place to sit and relax for a few minutes. I ate my blended salad at 6:15. Put sunscreen on.
We decided to just sit until the pros started at 6:50. Peed one more time in the trees.
Some guy came up to us and borrowed my Body Glide...he called us "boys" twice. That was weird.
Non wetsuits started at 7 AM. We put our wetsuits on and went into the water about 7:02.
Gun went off at 7:10.
My right calf was twinging from about the halfway point to the end of the swim. I swam very relaxed. Very steady...smooth...straight. Never even felt like I even worked on the swim. Mentality was that we were at a park, our bikes were in transition, and we just needed to get over to our bikes for the ride.
200 yards into the swim I felt my chip start coming loose on my leg. I had just gotten clear of some slower swimmers. I grabbed it right before it came off and went over to a kayak. The guy couldn't help me. The velcro wouldn't stick so I stuck the dang chip down the front of my wetsuit and continued. Every 40 strokes or so I would feel to make sure it was still there. Loved swimming down that canal. Felt like the lazy river with so many people swimming the same direction.
Water was calm. That wetsuit is awesome (TYR Hurricane).
Goggles never fogged or got water in them...good goggles.
Checked my watch a few times.
Scared that my calf was going to cramp when I took a step up the stairs out of the water but it didn't. Came out of drink and started yelling that my chip wasn't staying on. Had to go over to a table and get another strap deal.
Wetsuit strippers got my suit off and I WALKED to the bag area. People were running...that just didn't make sense to me.
I found my bag easily and went into the tent.
The best way to describe inside the tent at that time is a busy bus station/chicken coop in India. Naked people, screaming, stuff flying was insane.
I found a seat and very calmly got all my bike stuff on (helmet, glasses, HR monitor, sox, cleats). Drank some water. Drank some accelerate. Sat back and ate my LARA bar. Peed in porta potty right outside tent.
Walked to my bike. Foot felt OK...relieved.
Walked bike to mounting area. Hopped on and said "here we go."
Saw at least 20 bikes stopped on side of road. Prayed every time that it wouldn't happen to me or John.
Saw one guy laid out on the road with blood covering his face.
A couple of spots there were the remnants of a wreck: bottles and gels scattered all over the road.
Traffic on the two lane hiways was backed up for MILES.
I tried to thank every police officer and volunteer I passed. There were lots of them.
Kept my watts in the 150s for the first 50 miles. Had the wind at my back. Taking it really easy. Ended up 158 watts for the whole ride ... my normal average is 190ish.
Calf was twinging again so I would stretch it about every 30 miles.
Stopped at special needs bags at mile 60. Got off bike. Taped more gels to frame. New bottle of accelerade. Peed...good sign. Ate a LARA bar. Saw parents at mile 28...gave me a boost.
Saw parents at mile 61...stopped and chatted a second. They went back and got my tube and CO2 cartridge.
Nearly hit a guy with a full water bottle. Just needed one swig of it and threw it back towards the trash area as I passed and he barely dodged it. I apologized profusely. He laughed.
Ride was beautiful in most areas. Roads were good.
Nutrition strategy was followed perfectly the whole time. Gel at 2 hours. Sipped water for 3 straight five minute intervals, then had accelerade the 4th interval. Drank about 20 ounces of water in between aid stations, squeeze top bottles were easy to empty into my bike bladder.
One person said "nice bike" and I said "yeah I had to wait five months to get it" ... he laughed. I didn't see many shivs out there.
Gel every hour. I started singing to myself late on the bike. Sang "I walked today where Jesus walked", "the Lord's prayer", "Who'll take my place when I'm gone"...all Vocal Majority songs.
Rode around and with the same group for most of the ride.
A guy sprayed me with a hose at mile 102 so I couldn't see anything for the last 10 miles looking through the water spots on my glasses.
Off the bike, left shoes on clips.
WALKED to bag area. On they way I used a volunteers shirt to wipe my glasses off.
Found bag easily and made it inside tent. Not as hectic at this point. Put my helmet in the bag. Peed...good sign. Ate LARA bar. Shoes on. Visor on. Race belt with bottles on. Took two Advil.
Walked out of tent and the run start snuck up on me...said "here we go." And started running.
Ran 9 minute miles for first 8.5. Felt like I was barely moving.
Signs said:
don't you wish you had your bike back
you should've taken a dump when you had a chance
worst parade ever

Stopped to #2 at mile 6. Can't believe I didn't pass out in there. So hot and stuffy. Terrible experience...but felt much better afterward.
Saw my family as I ran by on the other side of canal. That gave me a boost. Saw them when I went by on their side. Stopped and chatted. Great seeing everyone.
Felt good on second loop, too. Ran that one slower. Got my special needs bag but didn't eat the LARA bar...stomach was feeling full.
Lost my nutrition strategy somewhere on the run. It would've been too much.
Had some of the Ironman drink or my drink and water every aid station. Walked through end of every aid station for a few steps.
Dropped ice down front or back of my jersey at every stop too. Poured cold water over head every chance I got. Never felt like I got overheated. HR was in the 130s for most of the run. Ended up averaging 133 during bike and run which is low.
Got passed by the first place female. Said "it's an honor getting passed by you." and she never even looked at me or said anything...ha!
Peed at mile 16....good sign.
One part of the run loop was slightly uphill into the sun. I would start to get hot, HR would go up, calf would start twinging...but it was followed by downhill through a wooded trail and I would recover immediately.
I honestly never felt like it wasn't even hard until mile 22...then it all came at me at once.
I picked it up on the last loop. Risky...HR up in the 140s. Advil started to wear off. Inside of ankles began hurting. Foot pain from yesterday never came up. Knees never started hurting...or hips, or back or anything. I'm serious, up until mile 22 I was thinking "this is going to be too easy"...but then mile 22 came. So really I was only in dire straits/pain for about 1.5 miles.
Three times I was expecting a certain mile marker to come up and the NEXT one did. Like I was thinking mile 15 would be the next sign I saw, and it was actually 16...that is a great feeling and it happened three times.
From mile 16-22 felt great, fast. Mile 22 was bad...hurting. But then I caught John and we ran together for a while which gave me a boost.
It was the slowest marathon I've ever run but it went by the fastest. Really picked it up last two miles. Started passing people.
Adrenaline rush the last half mile.
Banshee screamed when I crossed the line.
Tons of energy...felt great. Others were collapsing into wheelchairs.
Saw one guy laying in the woods with an IV during the run.
Saw a lady cramping and crying on a curb.
On the bike I was shocked at some of the people I was passing late in the ride. People that LOOKED like they had no business doing an IM had stayed ahead of me for the whole swim and most of the bike. Incredible. The human body is incredible.
Several people commented on the mohawk.
Lots of people gave encouragement. Running down canal lined with spectators was a boost, too...all yelling at you, clapping.
Seeing my family was a huge boost every time too.
You're supposed to answer the question "why am I doing this?" so when your tired body asks you that towards the end of the run, you have an answer, cuz if you don't, you'll be like "yeah, why the heck AM i doing this?" and it makes it harder to finish.
My answer was "for my girls." So it made it easy. I was running faster so I could see them.
Didn't get as emotional as I thought I would at finish. Was more amped up than anything. Mom and Jenn were crying hard. OK I cried a little. Whatever. Didn't want or need water or food right afterward...good sign that I nailed my race day nutrition.
This morning I feel like I was either thrown in a cage with a gorilla or put inside a large tire and rolled down a hill. EVERYTHING is hurting. But that's OK.
Planning on getting an IM tattoo on Tuesday afternoon.
Saw lots of IM logo tattoos all day.
Saw a couple of guys on the run that had to have weighed 270+. Crazy that they can do stuff like that.
Talked to a few people on run. One guy from Mobile. A girl who was only getting to run first loop cuz she had a flight to catch to Oregon cuz her g-ma just died. She said "thanks for listening" as I ran off.
Volunteers during the race were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The help they gave and confidence they gave you was staggering. At aid stations, on bike, everything.
Cops that I would thank were very upbeat and happy towards start of the end I would say thanks to some, and they would just ignore me or give me a dirty look...can't blame 'em.
When ankles started hurting I just thought, "i'm taking two weeks off, who cares???"
Not working out again until June 5 or 6. Doing a 15-day juice fast starting Wednesday, can't wait actually.
Might swim some this week just to help recover...but I won't be "working out" just doing very easy movements.
Can't believe it's over.
Oklahoma City in 2014???
Doing Half IM in Austin in October and Half IM in Galveston in April of next year.
Still have my mohawk.
Ok...what am I leaving out......
thought i was going to have to change or wring out sox towards start of run cuz they were soaked and squishy, but that somehow went away.
Wind was never an issue.
Heat never an issue.
Didn't even feel humid to me.
counted strokes on swim for a long time
counted steps on run
thought about all the places I'd trained during last 16 weeks throughout the day (Midland, Lubbock, in Abilene towards lake - towards ACU/town, Las Vegas, Georgetown, Arlington, Amarillo)
spit up stuff out of my chest all day, blew snot out all day, started coughing towards end of run.
other signs:
my mascara runs faster than you
marathon = cooldown in Ironman language
Pain is temporary, being an IM is forever
Don't stop and walk, people are watching

People were literally camped out on bike route. Looked like they had spent the night out there.
Hahahaha...OK one weird thing happened, I was riding the bike out in middle of nowhere, looked up and this guy just appeared out of nowhere, had on green long pants and long sleeved shirt, huge beard, and was just standing there. He looked like grizzly adams or something...a woodsman. Didn't give encouragement or say anything...just standing there. I thought I was seeing things. LOL.
Thought about my brothers a lot on the bike....random stuff like when we were little and how I'm thankful of what good friends we are. Thought about my girls, Ryan, my parents, my in-laws, my cousins, aunt, uncle, niece, sisters-in-law, everybody. Would get a lump in my throat thinking about it almost being over and thinking about seeing everyone.
I also thought about the people that follow this blog and care about me and how I was doing during the race...I wanted to do good for everyone. Everyone like that, who ever asked me about training, who ever gave the slightest care about me and this race, played a role in me finishing. I did it for everyone to some degree.
Had a moment of inspiration about my tattoo design on the's a surprise though.
Names I remember from bike:

I can finally understand why people say they'd rather do an Ironman than just a marathon.
For example, mile 18 of a marathon you're 68% done.
Mile 18 of the run on Ironman you're 94% done.
Seriously, when you get to the run you think "I'm almost done" since you ONLY have four more hours to go...and you've been going 8.

....what else......
I think that's it.
Going to write a "What I Learned from Ironman" sometime soon.